The 2021 Bitmain Partner Summit was Successfully Held, Establishing a Stronger Platform to Foster a Win-win Partnership Approach

On March 12, Bitmain held the “2021 Bitmain Partner Summit” in Shenzhen, China. The summit aimed to foster a new win-win partnership approach with the company’s customers and partners for the future development of the mining industry. Many of Bitmain suppliers, customers, and strategic partners gathered at the summit. Chairman Zhan Ketuan and several company executives attended the summit.

At the meeting, Mr.
Zhan presented a keynote speech on the current situation of the industry and
reformation trends. Several executives from Bitmain also shared corresponding
presentations on their respective segments.

2021 Bitmain Partnership Summit

Mr. Zhan pointed
out that the current digital currency mining industry has entered a mature and
stable period. As the total market value of global digital currencies is
approaching USD 2 trillion, new changes have taken place in the global
distribution of computing power. The share of overseas computing power has
expanded and crypto mining concept
stocks have emerged in the US capital market.

Since its
establishment in 2013, Bitmain has had the ambition of developing advanced technologies
and continuous innovation to achieve long-term technological leadership. At
present, the Antminer brand covers all mainstream POW digital currencies and has
maintained outstanding performance attaining the world’s largest market share.

Mr. Zhan also
clarified the future development policy of Bitmain, explaining that the company
will continue to expand the development of computing power. Adhering to the
concept of “Openness, Cooperation, and a Win-win Partnership”
approach, Bitmain aims to achieve long-term cooperation with more excellent
supply chain partners and will continue to enrich mining pools, data centers,
and cloud computing services. Ecological partners in the fields of energy,
energy recycling, etc., will provide a solid guarantee for the long-term
investment value of customers.

Awarding Ceremony of Excellent Supply
Chain Partners

Bitmain has always
been committed to providing the world with the best computing power chips. The
annual output of Antminers has reached one million units, requiring hundreds of
millions of chips. The achievement of the brand was feasible thanks to the
support of the leading technology and abundant output of excellent suppliers of

Sun Yonggang, IC
Operations Director of Bitmain, said that being faced with the growing market
demand and fluctuations in production capacity, Bitmain will award excellent
suppliers who possess exceptional operations, especially under the pressure of
the global pandemic and the surge in market demand. Bitmain will work together
with many supply chain partners to advance the stable supply and production of
mining hardware.

Distinguishing the
long-term contributions of supply chain partners, Bitmain awarded 24 excellent
supply chain partners from the three dimensions of chips, processing services,
and materials.

Awarding Ceremony of Excellent Supply Chain Partners

Empowering Bitmain’s
Business Model

Du Shisheng, Vice President
of Bitmain’s Mining Division, shared the deployment plan of Bitmain’s mining hardware
business. Since the launch of the Antminer S19 series, it has led the global
market with the industry’s best computing power, energy efficiency ratio,
quality, and after-sales service. The 19 series upgraded the chip packaging,
integrated heat sinks, and anti-corrosion designs for the hash boards. The
product’s life cycle is expected to reach more than 5 years in operation having
a long-term investment value. Du said, that the long-term sales strategy of Bitmain
will adopt an ordering method with insured clauses. At the same time, he
pointed out that after Antminers are shipped from the factory, it is just the
beginning of Bitmain’s services to its clients, whether it is for data center
construction, operation and maintenance, professional software services,
maintenance requirements, or other related functions.

For the cultivation
of talents, Bitmain will use the experience accumulated over the past eight
years as a guide to solving the uncertainties of the industry, and in various
fields such as data centers, mining pools, cloud computing, water-cooling, and
energy recycling, Bitmain will adhere to the principles of openness,
cooperation, and win-win partnership. Bitmain will select multiple partners to
lead the industry’s ecology toward success.

Du Shisheng, Vice President of Bitmain’s Mining Division

Gao Yu, COO of AntPool,
introduced the future development plan of the company. He believes that as the
mining industry has stepped into a larger scale and specialization, the mining
community is gradually transitioning from individuals to institutions and
enterprises, from this, auditing problems have arisen due to the demand for
listing companies. Therefore, AntPool will create a professional SaaS service
platform for these important points and will provide customers with a more user-friendly
interface, complete functions, and rich and transparent benefits. The company
will also provide clients with professional financial services.

In addition, Guo
Yiliang, Head of the Operation and Maintenance Department of Bitmain
Supercomputing Research Center Institute, discussed the distribution of global
mining resources, analysis of ecological changes, iteration of mining strategies,
development and sharing of global high-quality power resources, water-cooling
trends, and operation and maintenance services.

In terms of service
innovation, Chen Jie, Customer Service Director of Bitmain, pointed out that the
customer service team of Bitmain adopts a combined response model of manual and
intelligent services, and actively accepts customers’ diverse needs in terms of
business, support, and after-sales. The company will continue to uphold and
offer the best customer service.

Annual Purchase Agreement Signing Ceremony for a Win-win

At the summit, Zhou
Feng, Vice President of Bitmain’s Asset Management Department held an annual
procurement signing ceremony with  13 companies.
The companies: 大陆方舟、The9、Wayi,
Atlas Mining 、Code Chain New Continent、Feixie
Technology、General Mining Research、Parallel
Ventures、Core Scientific、Phoenix
technology, and Powerry.

Annual Purchase Agreement Signing Ceremony

Bitmain always puts
great importance on a growing partnership with high-quality customers for
“Long-term Planning, Investment Value, loyalty, and a Win-win Partnership”.
In addition to achieving the best energy efficiency ratio, cost-effectiveness,
manufacturing quality, and after-sales service, the company will also provide
exclusive services for “VIP customers”. The guarantee of production
capacity to ensure that these VIP customers can get a certain number of miners,
to better allocate funds and resources for data centers.

Also, two distinguished
partners from Bitfufu and 大陆方舟also shared themes at the end of the
summit. Lu Haiyi, Director of Bitfufu, introduced the business advantages of the
company. Lu said, as the mining industry enters a new stage of globalization
and specialization, cloud computing has more room for development. As Bitmain’s
official cooperation and standardized computing platform, BitFuFu provides
users with more professional and open mining services. In the future, BitFufu
and Bitmain will carry out in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as
mining hardware, data centers, and mining pools, and jointly explore the
standardization of computing power. The two companies will jointly carry out
the first sale and supply of new generation products, jointly developing the
global market.

Lu Haiyi, Director of Bitfufu

Sun Li, Chief
Financial Officer of 大陆方舟, focused on the application prospects of
blockchain in the new era. As a leading company in the blockchain distributed
computing center, 大陆方舟will devote itself to establishing a “blockchain+” business
model. Sun said, with the blessing of blockchain technology, the basic
functions and applications of the digital platform can be upgraded and
transformed, which will generate a stronger driving force for the economy and

The 2021 Bitmain
Partner Summit was successfully held and witnessed the growth of Bitmain and
its partners. Zhan Ketuan said, “In the current era of rapid development and
changes in global digital currency and mining industry, Bitmain will work
together with more customers and strategic partners and aim for a win-win
partnership. Bitmain will continue to focus on developing computing power and a
customer-centric strategy to provide customers with more excellent products,
diverse service innovations, and long-term value investment guarantees, and
create a better ecology for the common prosperity of the industry.”

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