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Animoca Brands Brings “MotoGP™ Ignition” to Flow Blockchain, Announces First Collectibles NFT Sale

PRESS RELEASE. 25 February 2021 – Animoca Brands, the developer and publisher of the successful blockchain games F1® DeltaTime and The Sandbox, is further expanding its push to bring mainstream consumers to blockchain by announcing that MotoGP™ Ignition, the competitive management and collectibles game platform based on MotoGP™, will be built on the Flow blockchain,

Polkadot could introduce ‘common good’ parachains with DOT-based smart contracts

Polkadot is likely to offload many of its core features to special-purpose public parachains. As Polkadot (DOT) gets ready to launch parachain auctions, a combined fundraising and market interest discovery mechanism, the team is realizing that some core features may be ill-suited for the auction mechanism. Polkadot parachains are somewhat analogous to the sharding proposal

BTC Scams. Beware. Don’t invest.


Supercar maker Mazzanti Automobili launches security token offering

The STO will take place on the Luxembourg-based STOKR marketplace. Italian luxury car manufacturer Mazzanti Automobili has launched its security token offering on regulated digital marketplace STOKR. As part of the offering, Mazzanti aims to raise 999,999 euros ($1.2 million) on STOKR to develop a special edition of its hypercar model Evantra Millecavalli R. According

“When we are all paid in bitcoin, no one can tell us what to do with the value we create … In a post-fiat world, you won’t have to worry about your labor and time being stolen.” – Russel Okung

Russel Okung is an NFL player who signed a contract with the Carolina Panthers in March 2020. As part of their agreement, part of his wage is paid out in bitcoin. Russel Okung’s comments on bitcoin are spot on: “Money is more than currency; it’s power. The way money is handled from creation to dissemination

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